Naturally Inspired

Casually Rugged Couture
Western Flair with a Hint of Mountaineer
Founded in 2017, launched in 2018 - Willow Run Boutique is an online shopping experience based upon a rich history of unique, sophisticated, and inspired tastes in fashion, jewelry & décor - all inspired from the Appalachian & Western way of life - and a deep appreciation of the outdoors and an adventurous lifestyle! 
"Willow Run" has a long running name in founder, Segrid Knight's, history. Beginning in 1997 (at the age of 7) Segrid began playing the electric bass guitar with her family's electric rock group. Then transitioning to the upright bass (a 1940 Kay upright that was an instrumental piece in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - customized to fit to Segrid's playing positioning) in the mid 2000's, her family made the switch to bluegrass music and joined together with our next door neighbors to begin creating bluegrass music together. Playing local shows, festivals, performing on stage, and recording their own CD -  the "Willow Run Bluegrass" band was formed!
Presently, with the life addition of marriage, a toddler, and day-to-day living, the family band took a step back from performing and now just enjoys playing for fun... and providing music for the little ones to dance to!
Desiring to keep the "Willow Run" name alive in this next generation, Willow Run Boutique was created!

Click below to hear "Red Bone Hound" as played by the Willow Run Bluegrass band!

  • Segrid - WRB Owner: Bassist
  • Segrid's Father: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
  • Segrid's Mother: Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals
  • Segrid's Older Sister: Vocals
  • Segrid's Younger Sister: Squeeze Box
  • Our Neighbors: Vocals, Banjo and Guitar







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